which watch brand is your favorite for
vintage watches?


just wondering..

which do you prefer
casio watches


seiko watches

(or something else)

i know both had a lot of really cool
watches, but for some reason i always
favored casio..

because i was cheap back then,
and i always bought a lot of plastic
watches..(i didn't really have any
money, so my parents always bought
them for me)...

seiko's tended to be metal, and more
expensive..(and more adult)..

also, and i'm probably wrong, but it just
seemed like casio had much cooler watches
with better features..

and seiko always seemed to be copying
them, or just coming out with not quite
as good versions..

anyways, did seiko ever have game watches?
or temperature watches? or jogging watches?

yes, i know its just an opinion,
but i'm wondering what other people think..

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