In your opinion, is the DW-200 and/or FT-100W Marlins?

There have been discussions in the past on what makes a "Marlin" a "Marlin" with various opinions, and my intention is not to start up that conversation again. Big Grin

That said, Id like to take a poll regarding 2 specific Casio watches that sport the icon popular with the "Marlin."

In past threads I have included my opinion that both watches included in this poll are NON-Marlins. I have also included that I wanted them both in my collection.

The two watches in question are:

Casio DW-200

Casio FT-100W "Fish En Time"

Its funny, because the FT-100W contains tools that allow a fisherman to land a live marlin, and the DW-200 can handle depths at least 100M further than any other watch we all know to be Marlins.

Having owned these two now for a couple weeks and having some time to become better acquainted with these two, my opinion has slightly changed. I still think the FT-100W is a completely different animal than any Marlin I own or know of, but I have decided to include my DW-200 in the Marlin section at DWL.

I still think I will include them in my Marlin Case though. Here they are with 10 other true Marlins.
(clockwise from red arrow; FT-100W, DW-200, W-24A, H101, W-21, W-24, W-35, H110, W-450, W-750, W-750G, W-400.)
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