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IOR service

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Hi Friend, I'm a Doctor running a clinic here in Chicago, US. Last year I was in Canada working in a hospital. My family is here in the US so I have decided to move back and to start a clinic in the US. There was a lot of formalities and procedures for starting a company. But before that, I had a few problems regarding the transportation of my belongings. I had a lot of things to be transported. I was unaware of transportation of goods between countries. Since I had a bad situation in the...Read More...

Casio C801 rainbow stain

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Today i got this used ss casio c801 that i found in an old watchmakers shop. it is in very good condition, all butons working, the light is working, it has the original ugly bracelet, it is clean inside, it has not too many scratches. But the problem is obvious. This annoying big rainbow stain. At first i was excited to get an original C--- watch with the 133 module. But this stain makes quite difficult to read the time. In low light the center digits are almost unreadable. Besides this, the...Read More...

Lorus Alarm chronograph Melody vintage

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Hi.I sell this watch which is in Spain(Europe).It has a time signal and 7 melodies and chronograph.All buttons and functionn operate perfectly.If someone is interested,I can send a video.I listen to offers.Thanks.Read More...

Worlds very first lcd watch ever

Seiko was the watchmaker who makes the first quartz watch, the Quartz-Astron what was sold first end 1969. Seiko made the first lcd quartz watch too (only the DSM/Optel watches were earlier but were difficult to read) The first lcd watch was the 06LC 0614-5000 sold in Japan only. Sales started in Tokyo on Friday 5 October 1973. My 0614-5000 was sold on Friday 12 October 1973 according to the Seiko guarantee what was still with the watch when I bought it. But the productiondate of this watch...Read More...

Casio dw-8400 mudman

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Hi I've been restoring a casio dw-8400 with a new bezel and band but have run in to trouble trying to fit the new band, it is the correct one for the watch with mud resist and slap light printed on the band but even with my watch tools I can't get the spring bars to click in place because the fit of the band is so tight, I've noticed with my other g-shock watches that when you fit the band there's a small gap on either side where you can see the spring bars but not so with the dw-8400, does...Read More...

Thread: Sizing larger screws for stripped holes and gasket/o-ring options (Casio BM-500W).

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I have a Casio BM-500W which has two stripped holes for the case back screws and also the gasket is deformed and hardened. First question, what is the preferred method to use for stripped holes? Personally I am erring on the side of larger diameter self tappers, not had much luck with filling the holes, but how large should the diameter of the new screws be to make a solid bite into the case. The specs of the current screws are as follows: Max thread diameter: 1.33mm Thread length: 4.83mm...Read More...

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WELCOME TO RESEARCH CHEMICALS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SHOP We have been in supplying research chemicals for over 4 years and have gained a great reputation amongst researchers both online and offline. We are a specialized supplier of innovative research chemical agents that can be used for laboratory testing, as well as professional lab equipment. With a great track record for superb customer service, high purity research chemicals and the broadest selection of newly synthesized products.Read More...

buy credit card dumps online

Our services include : * Bank Transfers – Instant Bank Transfers directly to your personal Bank Account. * Western Union Transfers – Western Union transfers directly to your nearest Western Union store. * Cards and PIN – Pre-loaded prepaid cards which you can use for ATM cash withdrawals ($5000 to $7500 limits). * Dumps – High validity cards (track 1 and 2) for instore carding. * Cvv and Fullz – High validity cards for online carding. * And much more! – Just let us know what you want and we...Read More...

Friendship Importance

In relation to establishing an affective relationship with an individual on the stage of friendship, few or no occasions we surprise what traits ought to somebody should be a part of our circle of buddies, it's merely a union that emerges by itself placing distinctive Preliminary requirement the truth that we're good and nice, the remaining, we belief that over time will likely be given. You can check to send you quotes to your friends. The unhealthy factor is that in...Read More...