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Hello friends XEVIOUS and ROBESAUER! I love this watch! Sorry for my delay in answer you. Look, today I changed the battery of the...

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Very interesting... Anyway, I haven't gone with any renovations!

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Hello, Yes, the battery is correct. The stain seems to be in the back material of the LCD. The LCD works great when the battery is in...

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Hi katrina, the idea you shared is awesome. It would definitely serve good as storage lockers.

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You could check on the internet for some cleaning tips. Or if you hire cleaning service, I am sure they will get the stain removed.

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How did you manage to install the pins...there's such a little space between the watch and them...i have a 20mm x 1mm nato strap but...

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Hi, I haven't availed their services before. But many of my friends have said that sliding windows are one of the best types to be...

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Sorry dude! I never heard about this mortgages. But gimme sometime I will help you out through my contacts within 2 to 3 days.
My Calculators

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Hi, a mortgage pre-approval helps you get information about your home search. It guarantees you that the rate approved by the lender...

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Yes, direct mail marketing is one option you can opt for depending on your requirements; however, the process and implementation should...

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FZ750 posted: During the last week I started to restore my old Casio DBC-600. In addition to a good cleaning, my watch needed a new...

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well I did sme research nd found out some have sold for as much as 900$ us dollars. that was 8 yrs ago. im open for offers. Would you...

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engecampos posted: I also worry Rich. What worries me most are especially BEZEL and BAND of my G-Shocks. Rich, the secret to maintain...

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hello, I am interested in the Casio BA 200 multi alarm. is it new old stocker used. what condition is it in. does the alarm work as it...

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Just wanted to add some potentially useful information here. My DW-2000 had a dead module but a good case. I sold it... for quite a bit...

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It is already 1 year I am wearing a Casio watch.

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Old Tom posted: Is it the model with the two slide switches below the display and the push to speak button to the left or one of the...

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I still have mine - I think the battery went dead the last time i looked at it. For now I would rather keep it but if i see one I will...

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MY 0614/5010 VERY AFFORDABLE NOW FROM $99.99 Here is the link: Yes, I have a...

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Look at this! Be careful for the NOT original towel!

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Okay, how much "YUM -YUM " can one get with these rare early Seiko LC Watches?? To a digital watch collector, it's like a baby left in a...

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Maybe there will be a very similar watch with same accessoires on eBay in a short time. For half the price.....

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Hi Tibi, Thanks for that, I will be posting it shortly on ebay (Australia) and let any of your friends know it will be there if they...

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Hi SImon, I ended up selling mine for 100 GBP and it was in really good condition. There was another one that was on eBay during this...
Tiberiu Fleseriu

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I bought a functioning C515 but one of the buttons functions but is completely worn out. Is there a way to swap the buttons from my...

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Re: Music
I usually hears all sorts of music. and right now I'm hearing Michael Jackson songs dangerous one of my favorite.

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Hi ALL, I own the same model, however in white colour and in excellent cosmetic. Here it is: As I am living in Germany and all AM Radio...

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HI All, I know it has been a while since the original post was made here but I have a Citizen digital watch 41-5014 that I would like to...

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Re: Music
I love to hear all fast beat songs.

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I really love this can u sell it to me Please I living Australia and I have PayPal Thank you so much
Jimk Liu